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We know you want the most information when it comes to your newborn’s health. Eli is a supplemental newborn screening service that screens for additional treatable conditions, giving your baby the happiest, healthiest start.

reliable newborn screening

go above and beyond

There are more than 100 million babies born worldwide each year that are not screened for even the most basic treatable disorders. Catching those conditions early is the key to the best possible outcomes.

Eli extends beyond the newborn screening performed by state public health programs to screen for 32 conditions and risks, leading to healthier babies—and even more lives saved.

delivering quick results

Eli makes it simple

ORDER your kit any time before your due date for only $385. An independent physician will review your order to ensure it’s right for you and your baby.*

BRING the kit to your newborn’s first pediatric visit – Eli is most effective when the test is completed within the first few weeks of life. Your trusted nurse or doctor will collect the needed samples.

SHIP the samples to our lab and you will have the results in a week, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about the health of your precious new arrival.

*Eli has partnered with Genome Medical, a national network of genetic experts, including genetic counselors, geneticists, and primary care physicians to authorize the test and provide guidance through your journey with Eli.

Eli screens for 32 conditions & risks

relieving doubt and worry

we care about your baby and you

Eli is on the forefront of newborn screening technology. Our team is focused on developing technologies that allow for the earliest, most accurate detection of treatable conditions. That means Eli identifies serious conditions and disorders, helping to ensure more babies grow up healthy and giving you peace of mind.

Eli is partnered with Genome Medical, a national network of genetic experts, to provide guidance through your journey with Eli. We are there for you, providing more information, answering questions and helping you arrange the most appropriate care. By choosing Eli, you can focus on your growing family, knowing that you are giving your newborn the brightest future.